March 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our March 2018 Newsletter. Spring is here in South Florida and the fishing is getting hot. For those of you battling the recent snow storms and Nor’easters up North and in the Mid-West, now is the perfect time to come to South Florida for some fishing. A few late season cool fronts have really turned on the bite. We hope those of you dealing with the crazy weather across the country are staying safe and that your families and friends are well.

Fishing Report

In the past weeks we have experienced an absolutely epic daytime Swordfish bite. When the weather is calm enough, it has been a regular occurrence for many boats to have 2 – 8 bites per day. Some boats have had multiple catches of 4 and 5 fish per trip. On our last Sword trip with Wish List, we went 2-2, harvesting a 106 pound fish and releasing another about the same size. I have noticed that for us, Bonito bellies rigged with a purple skirt have garnered us the most bites. We have also caught some fish on the shallow side, in around 1600 feet. Don’t be afraid to try different depths as there are no fences out there and these fish can be anywhere.

The Wahoo bite has also been very good a day or two before the cool fronts and around the full moons. We have been fortunate to catch a few Wahoo and we have been blessed with fresh fish to feed our family and friends. High speed trolling with bullet shaped lures at 11-17 knots and planer fishing with strip baits has worked best. A few nice Wahoo have also been caught as by catch while fishing live baits for Sailfish from the kites. For us the magic depth has been 170-225 feet of water. There have also been some solid Cobia and Blackfin tuna in the area as well.

You can get in on the best fishing of the season by emailing me or calling me to book your charter or to get me out with you on your boat for a day on the water. Dates are going quickly so don’t hesitate and get your trips booked now by calling 954–895-6635 or emailing me at

Keepemwet Fishing

I am proud to announce that I have been chosen by Keepemwet Fishing to be on their distinguished team of Ambassadors. This is a great honor as I have been advocating for proper fish handling and release techniques for the better part of three decades. My first article on the subject was titled “Professional Ethics, No excuse for Pro’s Abuse”, and was published in Sport Fishing Magazine Oct/Nov issue, 1990. The “Keepemwet” philosophy is about treating our resources with respect and using all the science and knowledge we have to mitigate the negative affect we have on our environment while out on the water fishing. It is not about tree hugging or being soft; it’s about being smart and having ethics and principles. There is one purpose to choosing to release any fish. That purpose is to make sure the fish lives to spawn and make more fish. In many cases, including with Sailfish, these fish spawn 6 – 8 times per year. We know without question that removing billfish and other large fish species from the water for pictures, significantly increases mortality rate. In the Atlantic Ocean and in Costa Rica, it is illegal to do so. We owe it to our industry, our children and those who are watching us for leadership, to do things correctly and with integrity. We are also constantly fighting groups that don’t want to see us on the water at all and commercial fishing interests that want to have access to our fish in closed zones. Both groups use pictures of rod and reel anglers removing fish intended for release from the water, to put us in a bad light and to paint us as being amateurs and talkers who don’t really care about conservation. Continuing this activity is like handing our enemies ammunition to be used against us. But most importantly it is our duty and responsibility to do everything humanly possible to protect our resource and to be leaders. With modern technology and all the camera options we have today, there is simply no excuse for this behavior to continue. Think about the message you are sending and please give your best effort to do the right thing. Follow me on Instagram for my weekly “Keepemwetwednesday” posts @thesaltwaterpro and please check out the Keepemwet Fishing Newsletter and the announcement about my ambassadorship by clicking on the link here

IGFA School of Sportfishing at the 2018 Palm Beach International Boat Show

The IGFA School of Sportfishing will once again be presenting our seminar series with some of the best Captains and professional fishermen in South Florida speaking on a variety of subjects and fishing methods and techniques. The seminars are free with your paid admission to the show. This is a great opportunity to bend the learning curve in your favor. Come on out and enjoy the show starting on Thursday, March 22 and finishing Sunday, March 25th. I will be there from open to close for the entire show. Come by and say hello and talk some fishing with me. You can view the seminar schedule and the list of instructors by clicking here

Sea Spray Abaco Challenge Recap

For the last two years, I have produced and run the Sea Spray Abaco Challenge Fishing Tournament in the Abaco Island chain of the Northern Bahamas. Presented by the Sea Spray Abaco Resort and Marina on Elbow Cay, this event is quickly becoming known as one of the most enjoyable tournaments on the circuit. Year two was a tremendous success and I would like to thank Richard King and the entire Sea Spray staff for the fantastic job they did again this year. This year’s dates were February 7-10 and we will be announcing the dates for year three in the next few months. Congratulations to team “Crab Eyes” for being crowned the overall champions with a total weight of 292.6 pounds and to team “Sonny Boy” for second overall and biggest fish of the week, a 52.9 pound Wahoo. Our teams were a tournament director’s dream, with full participation and comradery from everyone involved. We hope to see a whole bunch of you in Elbow Cay for next year’s event.

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