Splicing Dacron Wind On Leaders

Splicing Dacron Wind On Leaders By Captain Anthony DiGiulian 

Items needed are as follows:

 1. A Dacron splicing kit, containing two splicing needles. One needle for threading the mono through the Dacron and another for creating a loop in one end of the Dacron.

 2. Approximately three feet of hollow core Dacron. Black is the most popular color but some crews use high visibility neon orange or green Dacron.

 3. Approximately 20 feet of monofilament leader material.

 4. One piece of 220 grit sand paper for smoothing the end of the mono.

 5. A two-foot section of wax rigging twine to serve the end of the splice.

The advent and use of wind-on leaders has become all the rage in the sport fishing world. Whether attaching 20 pound mono main line to 60 pound mono leader material, or attaching 130 pound mono main line to 400 pound mono leader material, almost every crew around the world uses a wind-on leader at one time or another. Although both of these applications serve the same purpose, there are very distinct differences on how to attach the leader to the main line.

In this tackle tip, we will discuss how to splice a heavy leader to heavy main line, using a Dacron splice. This method is generally used for wind-on leaders from 150 pound test to 500 pound test. There are several items needed to perform this task.

Start by cutting one end of the monofilament on a sharp angle. Next, take the sand paper and smooth the end that was just cut. Insert this end of the mono into the hollow ended splicing needle included in your splicing kit. Carefully thread the needle with attached mono through one end of the three foot section of hollow Dacron. Slide the needle and mono up the Dacron until the mono is approximately 2 ½ feet inside the Dacron. Carefully pierce the Dacron and pull the mono out of this piercing. Detach the mono from the needle and pull the mono back until it is completely inside of the Dacron. (As you get better at this splice, you will be able to complete this process without using the hollow needle). With your wax rigging twine, serve a two inch piece of twine so that it covers an inch of the Dacron and an inch of the mono at the point where the mono enters the Dacron.

Next is constructing the loop end, which will enable you to attach the leader to the double line on your main line, via a cat’s paw knot.  First take the second needle that comes with your splicing kit and using the end with the eye, pierce the Dacron approximately six inches down from the tag or working end of the Dacron. Insert the tag or working end of the Dacron into the eye of this needle and pull the tag end down and through the piercing. You may want to insert a pencil into the loop end to insure that you form a loop. Trim the excess Dacron at the tag end and smooth the Dacron back toward the loop so that the tag end completely disappears inside the Dacron.

There are a few other ways that this splice can be performed and many times it is a matter of preference as to which method you use. Always keep an open mind and use the method that works best for you. In the case of this splice, there are several correct ways to execute a strong and reliable connection.

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