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This July - Go Plastic Free!

This July the City of Boca Raton is encouraging residents to participate in Plastic Free July! Why go plastic free? Since 1950, BILLIONS of tons of plastic have been produced and a shocking 91% of it is not recycled. Since plastic does not biodegrade, that means that all that plastic is still in existence either in our landfills or in the environment, including our oceans. Almost half of plastic production is for packaging. This material designed to last forever is used to make items that are disposable. By 2050 100% of seabirds will be eating plastic and plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans. That is just not sustainable! Plastic Free July aims to challenge and empower people to reduce their use of disposable plastics.

How to go plastic free this July?

  • Choose to refuse plastic water bottles. Instead, drink tap water. Boca Raton has an award winning sustainable water utility. Not only will eliminating plastic water bottles reduce plastic, it can save a household thousands of dollars a year. 

  • BONUS TIP! To reduce plastic bottles used for a hurricane, before the storm fill a water cooler, jugs, bottles, and jars with water. 

  • Choose to refuse plastic retail bags. Plastic bags are lightweight and frequently become litter by blowing away. If plastic bags are put in recycling bins they tangle in the equipment and cause damage. Reduce your use of plastic bags by using reusable totes and produce bags. These bags do have their own environmental footprint, so try to cultivate a collection of just the number you need and decline any extraneous freebies. Donate extras or recycle them

  • BONUS TIP! What goes in to the bags has a bigger environmental impact than the bag itself. Make sure you are consuming consciously! Follow the Frog, slow your fashion, or embrace minimalism.

  • Choose to refuse plastic straws.A viral video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck up her nose brought straws in to the spotlight. For most of us, straws are not necessary and yet by industry estimate Americans use over 500 million straws a day. Straws are one of the top ten items picked up in beach clean ups and unfortunately are too lightweight to be recycled. When you order a drink out, simply remember to say “no straw, please.” 

  • BONUS TIP! If you do need or want a straw, there are many reusable options made from metal, glass, or bamboo.

  • Choose to refuse plastic with your coffee. If you frequent one of the local coffee shops in town, make sure to bring a reusable mug for them to fill. Do you have a Keurig? Instead of throwing away all those plastic pods, invest in a reusable pod! 

  • BONUS TIP! Buy certified fair trade or shade grown coffee to protect biodiversity and local economies in coffee growing regions!

  • Choose to refuse waste! Do you want to expand your plastic free goals to being totally zero waste? Zero waste is more of a journey than a destination, but if you want to get a start there are many great zero waste blogs out there to set you on your way. These blogs have tips for alternative products to use, how to shop bulk foods, and even recipes to make your own versions of common plastic contained products. Two great ones to get you started are Trash is for Tossers and Going Zero Waste.  

  • BONUS TIP! Be sure to check out the Boca Raton Public Library for more great resources on going zero waste, DIY projects, and a spectrum of environmental topics. Borrowing books from a library instead of buying them is also a great example of reducing resource consumption!

to learn more visit: https://www.myboca.us/1572/Take-Action

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